Design protection


DDesign protection


A design patent protects the design, i.e. the shape and colouring of a three-dimensional product (e.g. an article of daily use, packaging, etc.) or a two-dimensional pattern (e.g. a logo) against imitation. The prerequisite for protection is that the design is new and peculiar, i.e. that it differs from other designs in its overall impression.

A drawing or photograph of the respective product is required for filing a design application. Since this essentially determines the scope of protection of the design, the selection and quality of the illustrations as well as the selection and design of the details shown are of particular importance.

The maximum term of protection of a design is 25 years. Because of its long term, the design is often used as a supplementary protective right to a utility model or patent. This is possible if the design is not exclusively technical.

One advantage of the design patent is its rapid availability. As a rule, the registration of a design patent takes place within a few weeks. We will be happy to check whether design protection (design protection) is possible for your design and carry out all the necessary work for you.


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