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PPatent protection


A patent, like a utility model, protects a technical invention against imitation. A patent can be obtained for mechanical, electrical and other devices and appliances, electrical circuits, computer programs, chemical substances, etc. A patent can also be obtained for processes (e.g. manufacturing processes). In addition, protection of processes (e.g. manufacturing processes) is also possible. The maximum term of protection is 20 years. A prototype is not required for filing a patent application.

The great advantage of the patent is that its protectability is examined by the patent office before it is granted. Thus, there is certainty as to whether the invention is actually new and inventive. However, it can take several years until the patent is granted. If protection is to be obtained quickly, it is therefore advisable to apply for a utility model at the same time. This is usually registered after only a few months.

Since the value of a patent often only becomes apparent when it is exploited, e.g. in the event of a sale, licensing or litigation against a patent infringer, the technically and legally correct drafting of the patent application and careful processing during the examination procedure are of particular importance.

We will be happy to check whether patent protection is possible for your invention and carry out all the necessary work for you.


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