Utility model protection

Utility model

UUtility model protection


With a utility model you can protect a technical invention (device) against imitation. The maximum term of protection is 10 years. A prototype is not required to apply for a utility model. We recommend submitting the utility model application to the Patent Office before the invention is first published. However, the application can still be filed within six months of the first publication.

One advantage of the utility model is its rapid availability. As a rule, a utility model is registered after just a few months. The utility model is only formally examined by the patent office. There is no examination of protectability. This means that the utility model may only be a pseudo right despite the registration certificate. In order to obtain certainty in this matter, we support our clients by obtaining an official expert opinion.

We will be happy to check whether utility model protection is possible for your invention and carry out all the necessary work for you.


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