Industrial property rights

IP Rights

PProtect your ideas


Unique sell­ing points are impor­tant for the suc­cess of a prod­uct. This can be an inno­v­a­tive prod­uct idea, an extra­or­di­nary design or a mem­o­rable brand.

In many cas­es, how­ev­er, the tech­ni­cal inno­va­tion, the new design and the prod­uct name can be copied or imi­tat­ed quite legal­ly once they have become known.

You can pre­vent this by reg­is­ter­ing indus­tri­al prop­er­ty rights (patent, util­i­ty mod­el, trade mark, design). Contact us even before the mar­ket launch of your prod­uct or brand. We will check how you can pro­tect your ideas.